Critical Studies


Essential Reading

Mutimer, David (2007), ‘Critical Security Studies: A Schismatic History’ in Collins, Alan (Ed.) Contemporary Security Studies Oxford: Oxford University Press


Critical Security Studies

‘Critical security studies deal with the social construction of security. The rhetorical nature of ‘threat discourses’ is examined and criticised… Critical security studies consider not only threats as a construction, but the objects of security as well… Critical security studies… have an emancipatory goal.’ (Erikkson 1999, p.318).

Group Discussion

What does critical security theory offer?

  1. How can critical security studies be an alternative to other studies? (Which studies and how?)
  2. What does Copenhagen school offer? (About securitisation and on-going problems of current security studies?
  3. Is it a challenge on post-positivist perspectives? (for instance critical theory and post structuralism)

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